Icescape ios

ok. I played the first Icescape on Armor Gamnes. and I really liked it, so I've been waiting a while for Psionic to make a Sequal to it and post it on Armor Games. now I just recently found out that Icescape to is already out. you can play it here on newgrounds:
I'm basically suggesting that Psionic submits Icescape II on Armor Games.

he ALSO made this game isn't on Armor Games:

That's not up to AG to get him to add it. It's up to him. Games have been brought up and time and time again we say: don't make a thread. If you want a game just give a mod a comment or use the contact us form.

The contact us form is better, really. Moderators don't have anything to do with whether a game is put up or not- that's ultimately up to Dan on AG's part.

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